About us

instore is a development of Intuto, the company behind the FGC Safe In-Store Pass. Intuto and the Safe In-Store Pass have been helping the NZ Grocery Industry provide a safe working environment for over 6 years. Intuto is a New Zealand company that has been operating since 2000 working with organisations as diverse as Cambridge University, the New Zealand Automobile Association and the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council.

An extension of the FGC Safe In-Store Pass, inStore is a GPS driven mobile application that enables a step change in real time management of health and safety requirements for businesses. inStore’s automated incident recording function ensures that incident details will be available for later review and action and crucially helps meet the needs of the revised legislation in this area.

As well, instore provides merchandisers and representatives of companies that visit food stores and other retail outlets with a replacement for paper based or other manual timesheet systems. User activity is automatically recorded and sent to the employer saving the user and their employer significant time by providing automatic, instant recording of activity and by reducing errors that are a natural occurrence in any manual system. The employer controls their own team's details via a cloud based web portal ensuring that they are able to run reports and make adjustments smoothly and easily.

In association with the Safe In-Store Pass, inStore provides a tool that helps demonstrate that due diligence has been exercised in meeting a duty of care for the safety of staff and contractors. And at the same time, inStore can significantly improve business efficiency.